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  • Caught on Camera: Season 1, Episode 1

    In this episode the focus is on two of the most common areas of crime caught on camera - drunkness and violence. From mass street brawls to urinating in public, unprovoked attacks to lewd behaviour – it’s all on camera.
    In Huntingdon CCTV captured all the drunken violence each weekend as the s...

  • Caught on Camera: Season 1, Episode 2

    Whether it’s your bag, mobile phone, lap-top or even bike it’s at a greater chance than ever of being stolen than ever before. In this episode we see how CCTV is helping fight this huge rise in street theft.
    In London life on the theft frontline with Met robbery squads as they work the streets o...

  • Caught on Camera: Season 1, Episode 3

    Recession-hit Britain has seen a massive increase in retail crime. This episode of Criminals: Caught on Camera sees shops and businesses large and small under attack from criminals.
    Affluent and historic Chester is under attack from shop-lifters who come into the city to plunder its shops but no...

  • Caught on Camera: Season 1, Episode 4

    More than a million crimes were committed on our roads last year, everything from high speed car chases to driving without insurance. Vehicle theft alone costs in excess of 3 billion a year and can impact on anyone of us.
    In this episode we are in Chester when suspected thieves are involved in a...

  • Caught on Camera: Season 1, Episode 5

    In 2011, riots across the UK caused chaos, destruction and even death. Police were powerless to stop the wave of violence which destroyed neighbourhoods and left us questioning if worse is yet to come.
    In this episode we see how CCTV has become the most important weapon in war to reclaim our st...

  • Caught on Camera: Season 1, Episode 6

    Huge crowds mass in the UK all the time, for sports, celebrations, and protest. But November 5th saw more than just bonfire parties, as an angry mob marched through the streets of London and attacked Buckingham Palace with fireworks.
    In this episode we’re on the ground, in the air and at the CC...