Have you ever wondered what a Wicca shares with a Catholic?

Find out what human nature makes us believers and worshipers, and understand how deeply altruism is written into your DNA. Resistance is futile!

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  • What is Zoroastrianism?

    Have you ever wondered what Zoroastrianism is and why it is both dualisitic and monotheistic?

    2500 years ago Zoroastrianism was the worlds most powerful religion and a major influence on the development of Islam, Judaism and Christianity. Today it is one of the smallest, practiced in only a fe...

  • What is Jerusalem: The Seeds of Islam?

    Have you ever wondered if the world's religions are closer than they appear at first sight?

    Tevya meets a young Islamic Palestinian and reveals why Jerusalem is considered such a sacred piece of religious real estate to all Muslims.

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  • What is Islam?

    Have you ever imagined what the six kalimas might be and what they have to do with islamic morality?

    Islam has 1.6 billion followers around the world - so perhaps its where host Tevya will find the answers he's looking for. He starts out with a visit to the Taric Islamic Centre where he learns...

  • What is Judaism?

    Have you ever wondered how Judaism formed as one of the oldest world's religions?

    Continuing his quest for belief, host Tevya gets a fresh look at the history and traditions of the Hasidic Jews (a little different to the Judaism he was used to). Rabbi Kaplan and some new friends offer insight ...

  • What is Sikhism?

    Have you ever imagined why the sikh consider ego and lust as worldly illusions?

    From turbans to ceremonial daggers (kirpans), the symbols and practices of Sikhism are revealed to host Tevya in this program. At the birthday celebration for Guru Nanak, the 15th-century founder of the faith, Tevy...

  • What is First Nations?

    Ever wondered how the United States would look like today if the First Nations could've stayed?

    Host Tevya goes deep into the woods to explore the spiritual ways of North Americas first Aboriginal people - the people of the First Nations. While he has seen headdresses, Pow-Wows, sweat lodges a...

  • What is Rastafari?

    Ever imagined being a Rastafari? And we mean seriously, like, outside of your sofa crevices?

    Dreadlocks. Reggae and Bob Marley. Tevya meets a teenager who unlocks the truth behind the beliefs of the "Rasta".

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  • What is Atheism?

    Could the best kind of belief possibly be, no belief at all? Host Tevya decides to check out atheism. As the program begins he finds himself in a graveyard, where he is visited by an important insight ... "being dead sucks!" Later in the program, he meets the president of Canadas Freethought Asso...

  • What is Jerusalem: The Seeds of Christianity?

    Have you ever wondered how much impact the holy city had on a range of religions?

    Tevya meets an Arab Christian high-school student from the West Bank and then walks in the steps of Jesus to find out why Jerusalem is considered such a sacred place to all Christians.

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  • What is Mennonite?

    Ever wondered how Mennonites' beliefs came from Friesland to the United States?

    Trading in his city clothes and cell phone for a black hat and plain shirt, host Tevya goes off the grid into a world where technology is taboo and life is humble. Mennonites live without modern conveniences, drive...

  • What is Shintoism?

    Have you ever wondered if there is a little kami inside your soul as well?

    From learning the art of the Samurai warrior to taking part in an ancient tea ceremony, Tevya reveals the secrets of a faith that is as old as Japan itself, Shintoism.

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  • What is Catholicism?

    Have you ever imagined how Catholicism managed to become the largest Christian church ever?

    Catholics are by far the largest sect of Christianity in the world, so from the Pope to the Confessional booth, Tevya learns what makes Catholicism such an enduring 2000 year-old faith.

    Experience yo...

  • What is Jerusalem: The Seeds of Judaism?

    Have you ever imagined Jerusalem at times of the founding of the priciples of faith?

    Tevya meets a Jewish high-school film student and reveals why Jerusalem is considered the most sacred place on earth to all Jews.

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  • What is Buddhism?

    Ever wondered what enlightenment means besides switching the lights on?

    With more than 300 million followers worldwide, Buddhists follow a path towards enlightenment in what is as much a religion, as it is a way of life. A Buddhist Monk attempts to quieten host Tevyas mind, but first - a celeb...

  • What is Pentecostalism?

    Ever wondered what Pentecostalism and glossolalia are? Sounds like speaking in tongues? Watch.

    It is the fastest growing Christian church on earth and here The Holy Spirit truly flows. Host Tevya joins the boisterous celebration of worship at a Pentecostal Revival church where speaking in tong...

  • What is Wicca?

    Have you ever wondered if there are still old earth traditions in today's society?

    Do real life witches ride broomsticks and cast magic spells? Host Tevya talks to plants, tries a love potion and befriends some teenage witches in the magical world of Wicca. But, when the high priestess, Greymo...

  • What is Hinduism?

    Have you ever wondered in which caste you would be as a hindu?

    Host Tevya begins his spiritual quest by investigating Hinduism, a faith with some 900 million followers worldwide. He attends the Durga Puja festival, an annual celebration for the Hindu goddess Durga with his teen guide Kritika. ...