Have you ever imagined not being capable of feeling compassion but only curiosity about human behavior?

Their actions are shocking and disturbing, the level of violence exceeds everything a normal person could ever imagine. Psychopaths are not able nor willing to show compassion and often live with a high level of narcissism. How does a psychopathic mind function? Take a look and enter the darkness that sorrounds some of the most horrifying murderers of all time.

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  • Manson

    Have you ever wondered how evil a human mind can become?

    August 9, 1969 – It’s just after midnight, and a car pulls up to actress Sharon Tate’s sprawling Benedict Canyon home. And while designated driver, Linda Kasabian, stands guard outside, her three ‘Family’ members commit one of the grizz...

  • Manson's Missing Victims

    Have you ever wondered where Manson buried his missing victims?

    In the 1960’s, Charles Manson and his “Family” of followers carried out a gruesome killing spree, which was concocted from remote hideaways in the California desert and the outskirts of Los Angeles. Rumors have long circulated t...