Have you ever wondered if there really is petrol instead of blood running through your system?

Your place to be is behind a wheel and it's more likely that petrol's running through your veins than blood? Then discover our Petrol-Head collection - where you can almost smell the asphalt.

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  • Fendt Tractors

    Have you ever imagined how it would feel to own the Rolls Royce of tractor manufactors?

    This programme tells the story of the Fendt tractor from 1928 to the latest sophisticated machines of the 21st Century. Using some of Fendt's own archive film as well as contemporary material from the UK, t...

  • Blue Force 1000

    Ever imagined which model you would choose to become a member of the Blue Force-club?

    This spectacular one-off event attracted over 1000 exhibits to the Newark Showground in June 2014. Conceived to celebrate 50 years since the introduction of the Ford 1000 Series tractors and the start of trac...