Have you ever wondered what could drive a person to take the life of someone else?

Hand on heart - when was the last time you literally thought: 'I'm gonna kill this person!'? Well, Freud defined that we all have an aggression drive that lets us think about those extreme actions sometimes but thanks to evolution, the majority won't do so. But still, we hear about disturbing cases of murders all over the world that keep up a certain cruelty in everybody's reality. What drives a person to do so? And how do murderers cope with it? Dive into a murderers mind and find out.

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  • Conspiracy: The CIA Kennedy Killing

    Ever wondered how it would be if everyone's reality was distorted by the global government?

    When famous people die suddenly, conspiracy theories thrive.

    Perhaps the most famous assassination in modern times was that of President John F Kennedy. But many claim that the murder of his brother...

  • Conspiracy: The Hollywood Files

    Ever wondered how it would be if everyone's reality was distorted by the global government?

    In this episode we look at the murky world of Hollywood.

    In 2015 Tinsel Town was rocked when dozens of compromising emails between top studio bosses suddenly found their way onto the front pages of n...

  • Manson

    Have you ever wondered how evil a human mind can become?

    August 9, 1969 – It’s just after midnight, and a car pulls up to actress Sharon Tate’s sprawling Benedict Canyon home. And while designated driver, Linda Kasabian, stands guard outside, her three ‘Family’ members commit one of the grizz...

  • Manson's Missing Victims

    Have you ever wondered where Manson buried his missing victims?

    In the 1960’s, Charles Manson and his “Family” of followers carried out a gruesome killing spree, which was concocted from remote hideaways in the California desert and the outskirts of Los Angeles. Rumors have long circulated t...