Have you ever wondered what brought the cleverest minds to some of the world's most important (and sometimes most destructive) inventions?

Some of the greatest inventions of all times were discovered by accident while others were born out of necessity. But what all of them had in common were brilliant minds that took a closer look and realized the potential of their discoveries. Take a closer look yourself and learn from the experiences of others here.

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  • Uncle Jack: The Manhattan Project and Beyond

    Have you ever imagined a world without an "after the Manhattan Project" phase?

    The Manhattan Project in World War II was an enormous undertaking that required the efforts of many of the world's most brilliant scientists. Thousands of physicists, mathematicians and engineers were needed to desi...

  • Bourbon & Kentucky: A History Distilled

    Ever wondered which ghosts influenced nowadays spirits?

    Bourbon and Kentucky illustrates clearly that Bourbon whiskey is, in fact inexorably intertwined with Kentucky and America’s history.

    This award-winning program explores how distilling originated in Kentucky with its first settlers in...