Have you ever wondered how creativity and engineering go together?

Question: What was the first important invention engineers have ever developed? Was it the first building of a bridge, the development of the first ship or simply the first use of fire 700.000 BC? Experience the vast expanse of engineering and explore the influence of creativity combined with natural sciences to the process of inventing.

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  • Mega Transports - Trailer

    Remember those big trucks with "Long Transport" and yellow warning lights on the motorways?
    Well, that's peanuts compared to what we have in mind for you! "Mega Transports", the series that takes transportation REAL serious. Heavier, larger, more complicated and more unusual transports than eve...

  • How Britain Bridges The World

    Throughout history Britain’s bridge builders have stood out from the rest of the world. From Thomas Telford to Lord Norman Foster, designers and engineers have been, and still are, the best. This insightful documentary explores some of the most iconic structures built by Britain’s best. Featuring...