Should we believe everything we see and accept it as fact? Not everyone takes everything at face value… is there a conspiracy?

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  • Manson's Missing Victims

    In the 1960’s, Charles Manson and his “Family” of followers carried out a gruesome killing spree, which was concocted from remote hideaways in the California desert and the outskirts of Los Angeles. Rumors have long circulated that disenchanted members of Manson’s cult attempted to leave, but th...

  • Conspiracy: The Lord Lucan Dossier

    In this episode we look at four strange disappearances.

    In 1932 Aviator Charles Lindbergh became the most famous man in the world, following his solo flight across the Atlantic. He lived a charmed life until tragedy struck when his 19th month old son was kidnapped and killed. Four years later...

  • Conspiracy: The Lockerbie Plot

    In this episode we explore the following conspiracy theories:

    Can we trust the people who govern our countries?
    On Conspiracy - did the Nazis burn down their own parliament so they could seize power in Germany?
    Did national governments conspire to hide who really bombed Pan Am flight 103 ov...

  • Conspiracy: Pearl Harbour Cover-Up

    When innocent lives get caught in the crossfire, most call it a tragedy. But in this episode of Conspiracies, we explore the shocking claims that throughout history governments may have deliberately sacrificed their own people for political gain.

    In 1990, a British Airways flight landed in Ku...

  • Conspiracy: Drugs, Punk, Pop & Death

    Some of the craziest conspiracy theories have come from the music world where drugs, rock, punk and death collide - and anything goes.

    In 1967 the career of The Rolling Stones seemed to be over when both Mick Jagger and Keith Richards were busted for drugs and sentenced to jail. For years peo...

  • Conspiracy: The Hollywood Files

    In this episode we look at the murky world of Hollywood.

    In 2015 Tinsel Town was rocked when dozens of compromising emails between top studio bosses suddenly found their way onto the front pages of newspapers around the world. Sony Pictures had been hacked, and the finger pointed at North Kore...

  • Conspiracy: The CIA Kennedy Killing

    When famous people die suddenly, conspiracy theories thrive.

    Perhaps the most famous assassination in modern times was that of President John F Kennedy. But many claim that the murder of his brother Robert, 6 years later was the next chapter of this chilling story. Although the gunman that ni...

  • Conspiracy: Murder at the Vatican?

    In this episode we look at four Conspiracies concerning the Vatican.

    Did a future Pope help Nazi war criminals flee to South America after WWII? The US Army Special Agent who pursued the brutal fascist leader Ante Pavelić and found him hiding in the Vatican, reveals how he was stopped by his ...

  • Conspiracy: The Nazi King

    In this episode we look at four Conspiracies concerning the Royal Family.

    They may be the symbol of our country, but the British Royal Family were once German, changing their name from Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to Windsor half way through the first world war. Many Conspiracy theorists believe that th...

  • Conspiracy: Alien Cover-Up

    In this episode of Conspiracy we reveal the incredible fact the UK has just as many alleged UFO Sightings as the USA.

    From the only alien abduction the Police have actually investigated to the extra-terrestrial communications it’s claimed British scientists have been receiving for over two de...

  • Conspiracy: Faking the Moon Landings

    Neil Armstrong setting foot on the moon is one of the iconic moments of the 20th Century – but was it a massive hoax? On Conspiracy: Faking the Moon Landings we investigate what some say is the greatest conspiracy in human history.

    We speak to two conspiracists who say the USA faked the moon ...

  • Conspiracy: The Death of Hitler

    In this episode we look at four Conspiracies concerning the Nazis.

    History tells us that Hitler killed himself in 1945, but as we will find out, a UK journalist believes he escaped, and that the body found in the bunker was a double. If this sensational theory is right, then where did Hitler...

  • Conspiracy: The Cold War Files

    In this episode we look at four Conspiracies concerning the Cold War.

    For almost forty years the world was only hours away from total destruction, as the USA, Russia and China were locked in an icy standoff. A peace that was always only a few seconds away from flashing into all out thermo Nucl...