Unique documentaries for YOU

TViLike features over 50 categories/perspectives - each loaded with unique documentaries and factual entertainment. Farmer, forger, conspiracist - YOU choose!
Dive deep into a world of new perspectives with our extraordinary documentaries.

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Unique documentaries for YOU

TViLike features over 50 categories/perspectives - each loaded with unique documentaries and factual entertainment. Farmer, forger, conspiracist - YOU choose!
Dive deep into a world of new perspectives with our extraordinary documentaries.

Monthly subscription plan and one-click cancellation.


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    9 Videos

    You are looking for that very special documentary and an extraordinary experience?

    This is the place to browse through our featured content area, where you can explore unique perspectives from being a conspiracist looking for a special hidden code in 'Cracking the Shakespeare Code' or a hiker that tries to protect the places he loves most by watching 'Cold Love'.

    Broaden your mind by stepping into the shoes of prisoners being in the worst ja...


    3 Videos

    Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a prisoner in your own body?

    We show you the perspective of people fighting themselves in order to not destroy their own lives. Explore the stress and fear caused by addiction and learn more about the effects on human behavior.


    27 Videos

    Have you ever wondered what it's like to come face to face with nature's wildest?

    Explore the wilderness and its habitants here.


    3 Videos

    Ever imagined how it would feel if there wasn't a tomorrow?

    From the point of view of many scientists we are very close to it, others say we are creating it and still others claim it should have already happen many years ago. We are taking about the very last day, the Armageddon, the ending of our world. Experience the different theories and the variety of experts' opinions here.


    3 Videos

    Have you ever wondered how it would feel to follow your creative instinct?

    Take a look into the lives of creative minds and how they use their success to have a voice.


    2 Videos

    Have you ever imagined exploring what is outside of our atmosphere?

    We take you to a trip to outer space that offers breathtaking views, shares invaluable knowledge and answers questions you never knew you had...


    23 Videos

    Have you ever wondered what chain of -often unlikely- events it takes to cause a major casualty?
    No matter if the incident is the result of an accident or a crime, it can be astonishing to understand just how many random events had to happen for the casualty to occur.


    5 Videos

    Ever wondered why the civil war was truly won by the Unionists?

    With visions far from reality and a way of thinking that divided people and nations, the War of Brothers between the Union and the Confederate States was inevitable. Or wasn't it? Explore how this tragedy slowly unfolded and who the key protagonists really were on TViLike!


    18 Videos

    Have you ever wondered how many world events were twisted into suitable stories?

    Hidden codes on banknotes or the loss of the King of Rock'n'Roll that seemingly never died are just a few of the modern world's conspiracy theories. But have you heard about Shakespeares effort to hide a code? Discover all the theories here.


    13 Videos

    Have you ever wondered how it feels to be involved in criminal events, whether on the side of the bad guys or the good guys?

    One could argue that criminals are coldblooded, calculating and egocentric. While there are indeed such delinquents, the behaviour of others exposes a double-edged sword when taking a closer look. Discover the stories following criminal activities and experience the range of penalties served on TViLike.

  11. DANCER

    1 Video

    Have you ever wondered how it feels daring to do that dance?

    Bright white smiles, flashy dresses and moves that leave you wondering about your physical condition - we take you on a trip into the lives of world's class dancers and take a look behind the curtains to discover the price of a perfect performance.


    25 Videos

    Have you ever imagined just taking the risk to feel that thrill?

    Rollercoasters bore you and you fall asleep whilst watching a horror movie. How about daring to put your hand into the mouth of a giant catfish or wandering through the wilderness next to hungry predators? If that sounds more appealing, discover the sensation of being a real daredevil here!

  13. DIVER

    20 Videos

    Have you ever imagined the feeling of diving next to the great sperm whale or down to a seabed to investigate a wreck?

    The world's seas offer a lot of untouched areas ready to be discovered. Whether it's spotting new species of sea dwellers or getting a glimpse of those that normally prefer staying undetected - a trip below the surface gives new perspectives and breathtaking impressions.


    7 Videos

    Have you ever wondered what would happen if you released your inner douchebag just once?

    Sometimes when having fun, we'd love to release a side of us that doesn't care much about causing a little damage or being in a bit of pain for a while. Does that ring a bell and leave you with the need of releasing your inner douchebag? Don't worry, there is no need to damage your belongings or break your own legs - this collection offers enough crazy peopl...


    2 Videos

    Have you ever wondered how creativity and engineering go together?

    Question: What was the first important invention engineers have ever developed? Was it the first building of a bridge, the development of the first ship or simply the first use of fire 700.000 BC? Experience the vast expanse of engineering and explore the influence of creativity combined with natural sciences to the process of inventing.


    24 Videos

    Have you ever wondered what is left to explore in a world that seems to be fully discovered?

    Have you ever imagined exploring the wildest forests, discovering the most beautifully remote landscapes and enjoying views that have never been seen before? In a world that seems to leave no space for discoveries, we give uncommon aspects to include in your next exploration - so you can explore the world from a new point of view!


    5 Videos

    Have you ever imagined what it's like to not only tell but reflect historical events first hand?

    Though historians give precise information about certain historical events, they can often only speculate about the feelings of being an attendee of these often disasterous events. We give an insight into the emotional impacts of such events on real people and their view of life.

  18. FARMER

    19 Videos

    Have you ever wondered about how it feels to run a farm and work in the fields?

    The picture of living as a farmer is often painted in dreamy colours of living in the countryside alongside animals. There is more to agriculture than just an idyllic surrounding: such as a profound knowledge about technical equipment as well as a special feel for the environment and weather changes in relation to the harvest which is often developed over many decade...


    2 Videos

    Have you ever wondered how it feels piloting a combat aircraft?

    Have you ever imagined how it feels to engage in combat in the air? Most of us would prefer not to while others undergo specialised training in aerial warfare and dogfight. But how does one feel getting on a combat aircraft to participate in an actual fight? Find out here and walk in the shoes of a fighter pilot.


    129 Videos

    Have you ever wondered how to turn simple food into deliciousness?

    From healthy diet-friendly meals to wonderful savory dishes - being a chef brings a wide range of possible ways to enjoy preparing food. And we bring these ideas to your kitchen!

    Meet the Peanut Butter Hot Dog and the Macaroni with Cheetos Topping. Food without "calorimeter" and Master Chefs without limits. Wok hard, play hard!

  21. FORGER

    1 Video

    Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a world-class forger imitating the world's best artists?

    A piece of art will be unique forever - or maybe not? We take a closer look on extraordinary talented people that used their skills to bring long-dead artists back to life - or their believed to be dead wallets. Decide on your own where the intentions lie here and if there is more to a forger than fooling the world.


    3 Videos

    Have you ever wondered what it's like knowing the world of tomorrow?

    Living in a well-educated and sophisticated society, have you ever wondered what it could look like 50 years from now? Specialized futurists put even more thoughts into forecasting the changes of our enviroment, our daily lifes or our behaviour in the future. Learn about their words of caution towards mankind and find out how important the work of a futurologist really is here.

  23. GENIUS

    1 Video

    Ever wondered how it looks inside the mind of a genius?

    What is the difference between a genius and an ordinary mind? Psychologists have been arguing about this for a long time and have only been on the same page when it comes to the impact of creativity in a specific field. But how does creativity and the atomic bomb go together? Learn about it here.


    16 Videos

    Ever wondered how to become a historian without having acquired a graduate degree?

    Even though one should not live in the past, there are plenty of lessons to be learned by taking a look at long forgotten days. Historians study all history in time to get a better understanding of how and why our current world's society still underlies the effects of certain events happening hundreds to thousands of years ago. Become a historian and draw your own...


    6 Videos

    Have you ever wondered how to be in total balance with your body, soul, and mind?

    Living a fast-paced life, we sometimes desire a safe haven and the possibility to remain silent and reflect for a while. But once given this rare opportunity, we often find out how difficult it could be to calm our very own minds. Yoga is defined as a practice to reach the highest state which is understood as the calming of your five senses along with your mind whi...


    10 Videos

    Ever wondered if an inspector is just someone to check passengers' tickets?

    There are some professions that are popular for their small amount of responsibilities. An Inspector for example just needs to check the tickets and enjoy the ride. Or is there more to it? How an inspector more likely manages the ride, ensures that your train stays on schedule and makes sure that safety rules are followed without you noticing, you can find out here.


    2 Videos

    Have you ever wondered what brought the cleverest minds to some of the world's most important (and sometimes most destructive) inventions?

    Some of the greatest inventions of all times were discovered by accident while others were born out of necessity. But what all of them had in common were brilliant minds that took a closer look and realized the potential of their discoveries. Take a closer look yourself and learn from the experiences of other...


    2 Videos

    Have you ever wondered how to use your social media researching skills to solve a case?

    Have you ever desired the good old days of childhood when every walk turned into an exciting investigation of your surroundings? Not as nostalgic but surely even more exciting?

  29. LA-LA-LAND

    14 Videos

    Have you ever wondered how a life between shopping on Rodeo Drive and living in the most expensive Hills feels like?

    Living next to the richest of the rich - wearing dreamy clothes and driving ridiculously expensive cars. Sounds like your American dream of living in Hollywood? But a word of warning is required here: Being famous and filthy rich can make you a target like the ones you can discover here.


    16 Videos

    Have you ever imagined how risking your own life to save another really feels like?

    Flashing blue lights and sirens are common signs for the arrival of paramedics, guardian angels among us. No emergency isn't urgent enough and no risk too high to take to save the lives of fellow humans. Discover their skills, their bravery and motivations to help at any time.


    7 Videos

    Have you ever wondered if a brilliant mind can't do without a touch of madness?

    Albert Einstein was one of the most brilliant minds of all time but often mocked for his mad thoughts his whole life. So did Sigmund Freud, Otto Lilienthal, and Marie Curie before people realized the value of their groundbreaking discoveries. But does a genius mind need to come with a mad touch? Form your personal opinion here!


    9 Videos

    Have you ever imagined how nowaday's society would look like if there hasn't been the influence of the Medieval Period?

    The Medieval Period lasted 1000 years and all you know about it are castles, court ladies, knights, and monarchy? Well, think again! Imagine that this period had so many highly important events that it nowadays even gets divided into three periods - the Early, High and late Middle Ages. So much information to learn, so many new...


    4 Videos

    Have you ever wondered what could drive a person to take the life of someone else?

    Hand on heart - when was the last time you literally thought: 'I'm gonna kill this person!'? Well, Freud defined that we all have an aggression drive that lets us think about those extreme actions sometimes but thanks to evolution, the majority won't do so. But still, we hear about disturbing cases of murders all over the world that keep up a certain cruelty in ev...


    12 Videos

    Have you ever imagined doing nearly everything (even risking your life) to receive an education?

    Getting up to go to school can be a challenge sometimes and some of us surely dramatized a weird feeling to the stomach into being really sick once or twice. Some children, on the other hand, would do anything to receive a profound education, so they become educational troopers that are not afraid of any challenges crossing their way to get to their ...


    2 Videos

    Have you ever wondered if there really is petrol instead of blood running through your system?

    Your place to be is behind a wheel and it's more likely that petrol's running through your veins than blood? Then discover our Petrol-Head collection - where you can almost smell the asphalt.


    5 Videos

    Have you ever wondered if philosophy isn't just a creative bubble but a way to push mankind further?


    9 Videos

    Have you ever wondered what it's like being incarcerated behind bars among some of the cruellest people?

    Imagine every step you take is tracked - all day, every day. Living in captivity not only means being under constant surveillance of guards that are looking for the slightest misdemeanours being committed but also being tracked by other inmates searching for your weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Learn why prison life is a kind of microcosm wit...


    2 Videos

    Have you ever imagined not being capable of feeling compassion but only curiosity about human behavior?

    Their actions are shocking and disturbing, the level of violence exceeds everything a normal person could ever imagine. Psychopaths are not able nor willing to show compassion and often live with a high level of narcissism. How does a psychopathic mind function? Take a look and enter the darkness that sorrounds some of the most horrifying murd...


    2 Videos

    Would you be surprised to learn that one in four Japanese in their 30s is still a virgin?
    Sex is dealt with differently in any culture, and so it's no surprise that the very traditional Japanese culture comes up with astonishing sexual behaviors. A paradise for sexologists to investigate.


    13 Videos

    Have you ever wondered what it was really like to be a soldier in the Civil War, WWI and WWII?

    Our nail-biting documentaries will make you see the braveness and exhaustion of the many foot soldiers giving their everything.


    17 Videos

    Have you ever wondered what a Wicca shares with a Catholic?

    Find out what human nature makes us believers and worshipers, and understand how deeply altruism is written into your DNA. Resistance is futile!


    6 Videos

    Have you ever wondered what is happening behind closed curtains?
    You wouldn't believe what some people are up to when they think they're unwatched.
    Hidden crime reveal yourself!


    17 Videos

    Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a survivor?

    At war-time and during peace, for many of us the enemies are waiting just around the next corner. And it takes enormous willpower and endurance to come out on the other side of the tunnel.


    13 Videos

    Have you ever wondered how life was like during the Third Reich?

    We put you in the shoes of the brave soldiers at Pearl Harbor, Omaha Beach and the Normandy where history was written.


    31 Videos

    Have you ever imagined to live on the tracks because trains are your life?

    Stop imagining, start watching where all the train action happens! We lie the tracks right into your living room - watch out for the signals!

  46. ...and much more!